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All OMTC members are eligible for various discounts and benefits proposed by the club . The volume of benefits and festivities will depend on the room rent remitted by the member during the first visit to Kerala.

a. For the second Kerala visit, a club member will get a  gift.

b. Also, a Discount  for a Dubai visit.

c. KTPT will organize the supply of organic products ,spices, coir products ,curios etc at a very attractive rate.


An Example:

XY paid  Rs 10000/- as rent is eligible for a gift worth  Rs 5000- 10000 for second Kerala visit .

XY is also eligible for cash discount of Rs 10000 – 15000 for Dubai visit.

KTPT  has made tie-ups with various agencies to attract tourists to Kerala to achieve our goal of 10 Million members within 60 m0nths.

Since KTPT is a  not for profit organization, we shall share the income to our club members ,travel agents and others associated with us.

As per the present growth projection and our marketing strategy a member is eligible to get cash discount for the second Kerala visit within 6 to 24 months  and Dubai visit within 12 to 36 months . The time is calculated on the basis of the present growth and hence the time mentioned above may decrease or increase.