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The word, ’tourism ‘has now acquired various shades of meaning compared to its past definition-travelling for pleasure, or business.  Rather than being a luxury, tours are now a need of man in the modern stressful and strenuous world.  Changing of one’s location and finding a new, congenial environment also has its psychological effects on people. Researches in tune with nature indicate a close connection between nature and a person’s physique and psychic health. Tourism is not now just reclining on the sea shore, or relaxing in a theme park savoring yummy food; rather it has way changed and moulded in the form of a huge industry that now caters for everything and anything under the Sun. It has become an economic cycle of earning and spending system that can, of course, bring about a harmony between haves and have-nots.

The state of Kerala as a potential spot for tourism should be viewed from the above pretext. Kerala, with an area of 38,863 Sq. Km, is a treasure trove of all major tourist attractions in the world.  The length and breadth of the country is hallmarked by the cultural and social inheritance it imbibed over the ages. The topography of the state is rich with rainforests that is home to many a wild species numbered as endangered and rare. Over the years, the government of Kerala has declared many of its rainforests as wild life reserves and bisected them with approach roads for the visitors of Kerala. The mountain terrains in the state are crisscrossed by rare, vivacious vegetation that have found their names in many medical texts. Any visitor who has a tinge of ecology in veins will find the flora and fauna of Kerala his dreamland.

Over decades the heritage and ecological significance of Kerala remained veiled from the eyes of the world. The sudden upshot in the value of Kerala as a haven for tourists was highlighted when the National Geographic magazine named it as one of the ten paradises of the world and a must drop down destination for tourists. For Keralites this is good news, though they were unaware of their own geography, culture and art and heritage for a long time.  The art and architecture of Kerala, influenced by the waves of religious and political revolution, has graphitized on walls and domes of various heritage buildings in Kerala and is a core research topic for university students the world around. Kerala, one of the richest states in the rapidly developing India also simultaneously caters to the state of the art medical and information technology that goes in par with global standards. The petty topography of Kerala with an evolutionary history that dots transitions of time is a welcome portal to the tourists all around.

Now that the 21st century has been ushered in with a big boom in the tourism sector, the state of Kerala as a prima facie potential for sprouting up as a hubbub of tourism should be earnestly conspired upon. The green Kerala with its traditional cuisines prepared and flavored with spices on the top taste list of many tourists from in and out of India. Kerala has uncountable number of unique things that no other state of India can pride on.   It is now the duty of each Keralites to change their demeanors and open the gates wide to receive the inflow of tourists from world around.

Kerala Tourism Promoters is an organization that gives a standing ovation to each traveler who passes through its gate. Kerala is not a state born with consummate attitude; rather it is a haven of a nature with anything and everything for the survival of biodiversity. A positive step forward, a second thought about the land and attitude to work hard are all enough to change the state of Kerala into a different entity to point out on the globe by any seeker. Let the divine light of understanding dawn on Kerlaites to realize and recognize the immense resources of their birth place.

Kerala, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. This strip of land is a destination of millions. The enchanting palm fringed beaches, majestic emerald back waters, captivating waterfalls, lush green mountain slopes, mist clad hill stations, rolling hills carpeted with tea and cardamom plantations, breathtaking tropical forests, exotic wildlife… the wonders that await a traveler in Kerala are far beyond words.The diverse geographical features of Kochi ,Munnar, Thekkadi.Wagamon, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Bakel,and the like will spell bind  any nature lover in the world.

The vibrant art forms, colourful festivals, dynamic boat races, spicy sea food and rejuvenating Ayurveda give Kerala a distinct charm. Apart from being a tourist destination, Kerala is also India’s most advanced society.


What others say about Kerala?

  • ‘The National Geographic Traveller’, chose Kerala as one of the ten paradises of the world.
  • German’s largest selling travel magazine, ‘Geo Saison’, lauded Kerala as the ‘the Mecca of the oldest and holistic health system’.
  • The New York Times described Kerala as the place ‘where India flows at a relaxed pace’.
  • The ‘Traveller and Leisure’ acclaims Kerala’s breakfast as one of the ‘best breakfast of the world’.
  • Sir Paul McCartney referred the land as “Truly God’s Own Country”.
  • In 2004 the world travel and tourism council declared Kerala to be the Globe’s fastest growing tourist destination.